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how do you compare?

Find out where
you stand

Before you can begin crafting an SEO strategy, you’ll need to understand how you rank against your competitors (and other locations under the same brand umbrella) when people search for relevant keywords.

Get granular

Analyze your search rankings based on highly specific queries, like a given radius or local landmark. Our solution will also break down your competitors’ star ratings, review density, and more.

Conduct better
market research

Thinking of starting a business or opening a new franchise location? Do some digging into the local competitive landscape before making your next move.

Knowledge is power.

Understanding how you fit into your local competitive landscape is the foundation of a high-performance SEO strategy. With this knowledge in-hand, you’ll be able to concentrate your efforts on markets where your business has room to nurture its reputation and visibility, instead of taking shots in the dark.

Brands that optimize all five proximity signals see a measurable increase in performance.


increase in search views


increase in reviews secured


increase in total clicks from local listings

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